Sunday, September 21, 2008

Using Collaboration in the Classroom: Preview

Teachers are always striving to be effective.

This statement can mean many things. Teachers want to instill in their students passion for their subject, they also want to be able to use their time effectively. I believe that one of the keys obtaining both goals is to collaborate. Luckily, technology is increasingly making collaboration easier.

Over the next week I will be writing a series of articles about how to easily set up collaboration both with other teachers and with students. Most of these will be new forms of collaboration that are made possible with new technology. I think collaboration through technology is also a good way of making students more passionate about your subject: kids like having power and responsibility, but also like technology. Well, kids with enough material means to have access to technology. Therefore, I will be ending this series with a reflection on the ethically ramifications of bringing potentially classist technology into a classroom and how to remain effective and inclusive.

Coming up next: Collaboration with other teachers

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